For our customers, we have created the B2B2C model, from order management to pre and post sales assistance.

It is a crucial process of the logistic activity. Our system allows the management of FIFO, FEFO and LIFO logics.

Products taken from stock are packaged ad hoc to be shipped to our recipients.

Transport management according to the customer's needs, from traditional express and groupage, national and international, up to dedicated transport.



Edt was founded in 1999 and specializes in integrated logistics, order preparation and distribution both nationally and internationally. It is located at the gates of Milan, near the Linate airport where it has a plant of about 5,000 square meters, able to maintain pallets of medium height or over depending on customer needs.


About us

The warehouse is equipped to handle special processes such as kit-making, functional tests of small electronic products before distribution or as reverse logistics, with specific technical equipment for the management of a wide range of product types, such as the storage of fabrics with piece-cutting machinery with control of failures.

Our services


    Thanks to the optimization of costs and spaces of its warehouses, Eurodt is able to offer an individual, effective and economical plan for all solutions, offering itself as a single point of contact for the management of its business. Warehouse equipped, efficient, advanced and safe for the storage of goods and products and structured according to flexible storage logics. Qualified, competent and reliable staff available for the entire production cycle of your business, both B2B and B2C.
    Reception of goods with incoming quality control and verification of transport documents. Picking and proper sorting of goods in the warehouse with service provided by qualified personnel. Activities of packing and packaging of goods, preparation of orders, packaging. Computer management of warehouse logistics flows and inventory of items in storage. Verification and monitoring of goods in real time thanks to the use of barcode reading.
    Labeling of the goods for a precise tracking and relative shipment with delivery in the shortest possible time through partner companies or with company vehicles. Efficient and reliable quality control, guaranteed in every work phase. Management of warehouse stocks with customized software.


    The customer can consult and control in real time the movement of goods in stock. The customer can therefore in real time have complete control of warehouse management and specifically obtain information on the complete Order Fulfillment process.
    Cross docking activities with loading units already prepared and organized by the supplier. In this case the operations consist only in receiving and shipping the goods and minimal intervention by warehouse personnel is required.
    Activities of Cross Docking with consolidation of the goods. In this case a consolidation of the goods is necessary to adapt them to the requirements indicated by the customer. The received load units are moved to the cross docking area where the products are processed and packed. It may be necessary to compose pallets from smaller load units, or vice versa it is possible to divide the goods into individual packages or product kits.



    Our information system has been specifically designed to manage both the activities related to the B2B model and to the B2C e-commerce model, with additional functions such as:

      • - sending SMS and/or email pre-alerts to the addressee, both at the time of departure and at the time of any first stock c/o the destination branch
      • - automatic notification to our operators of any problems during delivery
      • - Daily reporting of distribution performance and of all shipments in transit phase
      • - Shipment monitoring
      • - weekly reporting of cash-on-delivery receipts and management of cash-on-delivery lists received and reclaimed from the customer

  • e-commerce

    E-commerce has grown exponentially in recent years, recording increasingly important growth rates year after year. Edt, always in step with the times and the different customer needs, has supported in this new process both the already active customers and the new customers that in START UP phase want to start this business. We have developed ad HOC interface, thanks to webservices/API, to connect our system with the customer's one and to be able to download the orders in an automatic and continuous way, providing at the same time all the necessary information to the customer, tracking, shipping status, products stock. Cut offs defined with the customer to process as many orders as possible in the same day, together with personalized and innovative solutions of packaging, enveloping and packing of goods. The shipments on the territory are entrusted, depending on the location, to our drivers and / or the best national or international express couriers. The company, among other things, has a dropshipping warehouse, to handle orders already labeled in crossdoking, which require simplified logistics to entrust the package to the courier last mile.


    Management of both B2B and B2C shipments with cash-on-delivery payment and crediting of the customer's bank account on a weekly basis with a detailed list of final customers and relative amounts.



    Over the years, we have specialized in the activity of packaging, assembling and assembling components, packing and labeling products in boxes and packages for third parties, developing an extreme flexibility to adapt to all customer needs and requests. We manage shipments with simple processing up to the assembly of complex packages and the preparation of entire displays for the point of sale. Standard packaging type flyer, or in the case of fragile products, with custom packaging.
    The goods are protected inside the packaging with different filling material. Depending on the box and the space to be filled, we use wrapping paper, air pillow, or special polystyrene.
    Specifically, the company offers the service of packaging of plastic, paper and cardboard displays, assembly of kits, products in boxes, assembly, gluing and labeling of individual components and products.


    Here are some examples of kits with preparation and distribution, continuous or periodic, once a week, 15 days, month:

    • Cardboard boxes for countertop or floor displays with:
      • - Stationery store supplies, pens, pencils, crayons, erasers, pencil cases, etc
      • - Petrol stations, floor displays with promotions of the moment, with on-site replacement of the promotion while maintaining the structure
      • - Cardboard presentation of different products, electronic cigarettes, glasses, cars, masks, chewing gum, candy, etc

    • Kit promotional agencies:
      • - Shipping products in boxes, or envelopes type brown bubble wrap or commercial envelopes with or without window, letter b/w or color, with standard or custom text
      • - Different promotional products: earphones, chargers, special cables, glasses, non-active debit cards with personalized welcome letter, with bar code reading to be communicated later to the customer, folding 3 of the letter and insertion of the debit card with glue point

    We make inventories agreed with the customer, complete, rolling, items most moved, curves A-B-C.
    Understocks / stocks
    Periodic statistics of movements per article
    Articles in reorder
    Average stock information
    General handling statistics

  • Reverse Logistics
    Reverse Logistics

    Possibility of verification and control post-sale returns, for example for small electronic gadgets:
    - Verification of return material authorization (RMA)
    - Parcel opening
    - Visual verification product
    - First functional verification product
    - Put back in stock perfect product
    - Eventual re-packing of the product and put in stock
    - Collection of products to be sent to any external repairer
    - Collection of products to macerate
    - Disposal and pulping with certification in case of defective or deteriorated products


    Ability to cellophane magazines, with multiple shipments and postage, with possible inclusion in the first, middle or last cover of:
    - Small gadget, perfume, sachet essence, or tea, or coffee, or communication, with any point glue

    All with any complete management of the service postage, with a list of shipments, and shipments with or without postage, with and without tracking.


    Ability to install or move:

    • Multifunction printers:
      • - Collection of printers from customer and storage at our supplier warehouse
      • - Contact and appointment of the final customer with update of our portal or of the customer
      • - Installation or replacement of printer, functional test, sending confirmation message installation ok, for technical intervention IT network connection
      • - Detection of serial codes for customer communication
      • - Signing intervention report and document scanning
      • - Insertion and update on the portal of the end of work and download document
    • Computer:
      • - Same process
    • Information totems with electrical connection or not, for:
      • - Banks
      • - Service stations
      • - Motorway service stations
      • - Telephone stores
    • Stores inventories:
      • - Reception in warehouse material to distribute and inventory
      • - Distribution of the material divided by location and supplier HUB
      • - Contact and appointment taking final customer with updating our portal or customer
      • - Photography of PDV, previous window stickers
      • - Inventory of previous promotional material
      • - Arrangement of new material
      • - Signature of installation form
      • - PDV photograph of new decals
      • - Signing of intervention report and document scanning
      • - Insertion and update on portal of end of work and download photographs and document
    • Activities shop in shop with hostesses:
      • - Reception in stock of any material or cardboard to prepare and distribute
      • - Possible direct distribution of material to hostesses
      • - Contact and taking appointment final customer with updating our portal or customer
      • - Activity required
      • - Signing report intervention and scanning document
      • - Insertion and updating of the end of work and download photographs and document on the portal


    We manage the withdrawal on the territory and express delivery in the usual time 24/48/72 hours. In Lombardy we have an additional service of our vehicles and drivers, efficient, professional with delivery in 24/48 hours.


    We are able to offer transport services and shipments both in Italy and abroad with the aim of providing an increasingly personalized service in line with the demands of our customers. Thanks to the experience accumulated over the years and thanks to a dense network of selected affiliates and suppliers, with whom we collaborate in some cases exclusively, we are able to reach every destination throughout the national and international territory, ensuring a flexible, timely and professional service. Different types of transport, GROUPAGE, FULL LOADS, DELIVERIES FROM SUPPLIERS, EXPRESS TRUCKS, which allow us to find the right solution for every need, from single pallets to full loads. Thanks to our really efficient Customer Service, and to a Track & Trace system always active on our portal, all the transport phases are monitored in real time.


    One of our most important services is certainly the one related to the management of dedicated express transport in Lombardy with our vans and drivers. Thanks to an operative office always ready to identify the best solution, we can satisfy withdrawals and deliveries from the envelope to the multipallet delivery with trucks.


    With the service of complete loads, we provide the means completely dedicated to the customer allowing to have a personalized service both as loading and unloading times and as exclusive of the vehicle. This solution allows the customer to have optimized costs depending on the large amount of goods to be shipped and has the great advantage of reducing the movement of goods to a minimum. For this service are made available to the customer tractors, trucks, trucks and direct deliveries are made in Italy in just 24 hours.


    The groupage service was created for those who need to ship small quantities of pallets that do not filling the entire vehicle and do not need an urgent delivery. The combination of one's own load with other loads becomes an ideal solution from the point of view of economic savings.


    AWe have the warehouse authorized as T1 bonded warehouse.
    The suspensive regime allows to introduce the goods coming from "non EU" countries in Eurodt warehouses, postponing the payment of the customs duties (duties and VAT) to the moment of the extraction, even partial, from the warehouse.

    The customs warehouse allows to:
    - to carry out at any time the reshipment abroad of the deposited goods and their sale on the national territory, choosing the most advantageous moment from the remunerative point of view
    - make purchases at the time when the supply on the external market is more favorable and sell when the demand on the internal or external market is more favorable
    - Facilitate procurement without having to pay customs duties in advance of the actual release for consumption

    The advantages and benefits of customs warehousing for economic operators are:
    - payment of customs duties in the event of definitive importation can be postponed until the goods leave the warehouse; the goods can be sent back to the EU or non-EU countries without payment of duties and VAT
    - the goods can be "released for free circulation" within the EU (payment of duties only), shipped to an EU customer who will definitively import it paying the VAT imposed in the country of destination
    - the goods can be resold "abroad" net of duties and VAT



    Air Express manages the entire operation of consolidated shipments from countries outside the CEE, in Approved Place. Against the consolidation of shipments at the airport of departure, Air express manages:
    - airport practices
    - shipment
    - transfer and customs clearance from APT of arrival to Approved Location
    - VAT and eventual duties in case of shipments with amounts higher than € 150
    - subdivision of packages by courier
    - Last Mile Express Courier Management

    - possibility of preclearance in the departure phase of the shipment
    - with simplified procedure, a single MAWB for all e-commerce shipments within the consolidated
    - Customs clearance carried out with urgent timing and fast availability of goods
    - Express forwarding to final customers